Drummond Town Government

Drummond Town Board Officers and Committees

Mailing Address: 

P O Box 56,
Drummond, WI 54832
(F) 715-739-6774

Town Chairman:

Royden Bloom
PO Box 116
Drummond, WI 54832
(P) 715-739-6331
(E) bloomfrg@cheqnet.net

Town Supervisors:

Dick Fredericks
P.O. Box 31
Drummond WI 54832

(P) 715-739-6933
(C) 715-580-0895
(E) rwfjr19@cheqnet.net

Chris Elkins
P.O. Box 98
Drummond, WI 54832

(P) 715-739-6262
(E) elkinsnorth@yahoo.com

Town Clerk:

Andy Tuttle
49910 S. Loop Rd.,
Drummond WI 54832

(P) 715-739-6881
(C) 715-499-5536
(E) drummondtown@cheqnet.net


Diane Gehr
46900 Blue Moon Rd.
Drummond WI 54832

(P) 715-798-5033
(E) degr56@yahoo.com


Ken Hoffman
Hoffman Appraisal Service
N3737 County Line Rd
Gleason, WI 54433

(P) 715-536-6236


Tom Rice
P.O. Box 41
Drummond, WI 54832

(P) 715-413-1617

Fire Department:
52560 Front St.
P.O. Box 24
Drummond WI 54832

Fire Hall Non-Emergency Number 715-739-6600  Meeting nights first and third Wednesday of the month (normally).

Mark Jerome, Chief (Expires 4/15/2014) 715-739-6244 4jeromes@cheqnet.net
Gregg Skoraczewski, Assistant Chief  (Expires 4/15/2014)  715-739-6925
Rodger Larsen, Secretary/Treasurer (Expires 4/15/2014)  715-739-6347

Jeff Hurula, Fire Inpsector 715-739-6840 JeffHurula@gmail.com

Drummond Sanitary District # 1
Po Box 43
52555 Front Ave
Drummond WI 54832

Phone (715) 739-6741
Fax (715) 739-6740
Emergency (715) 580-0115

Mark Jerome, Sanitary District Operator

Drummond Dump Hours:

Open every Saturday morning year round 9am to Noon
Open Memorial Day till Labor Day
Wednesday evenings: 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Town Maintenance Building
52260 Front Ave.
Drummond WI 54832

Dale Siebert, Supervisor (C) 715-580-0116
Randy Levandoski (C) 715=580-0117
Mark Jerome (C) 715-580-0115

Drummond Civic Center - Contact for Reserving
To Schedule the Civic Center contact: Jill Pliss 715-739-6348 jilpliss@yahoo.com - SCHEDULE OF CHARGES
  • Civic groups: No Charge (Boy/Girl scouts, Fire & Rescue, Town Meetings, etc.)
  • Other small groups (25 or less): $10.00 per usage
  • Large groups (weddings, etc.): $75.00 per use. Use of full kitchen included.

Drummond Comprehensive Plan Commission

Mary Ann Spears (Exp. 04/2015)
Ralph Thyssen (Exp. 04/2014)
Rodger Larsen (Exp. 04/2015)

Jim Crandall (Exp. 04/2014)
Jerry Merryfield (Exp. 04/14)

Business Center
15090 Superior Street
Drummond WI 54832

Game Warden - Jill Schartner

52530 Old 63 North
Drummond WI 54832

Cemetery Committee:
Dennis Johnson 715-739-6742
Tim DeChant
Lisa Levandoski 715-739-6661

Solid Waste Site
50650 US Hwy 63
Drummond WI 54832

U S Post Office

52445 Wisconsin Ave.
Drummond WI 54832


Library Board of Trustees:

Barb Knight, President (Exp. 09/2012)
Mary Lintula (Exp. 09/2010)
Kathleen Skoraczewski
Dick Fredericks (Exp. 09/2011)

Library Director: Suzanne Widmar, email: drumlib@drummond.nwls.lib.wi.us

Parks and Recreation Committee:

Dick Fredericks - Chairman
Gregg Skoraczewski - Vice Chairman
Mark Jansen - Secretary
Mary Ann Spears
Dale Siebert

Andy Tuttle

To Schedule the Park Building and Table area, call Jill Pliss 715-739-6348 email: jilpliss@yahoo.com

Union Airport Representatives

Bill DeVries, Citizen Representative

Mary Behrends & Dick Fredericks, Town Board Supervisors, Alternate attending meetings.