Northern Wisconsin Snow Activities

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Drummond, Wisconsin offers a lot of fun things to do in the snow, including snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing and more!  For great cross country skiing see Drummond Ski Trails.

Drummond Ski Trail on Lake Owen Drive

Kids Having a Great Time Skating in Drummond and Snowboarding

Gone Fishing


 Not much water in Pigeon Lake?  Certainly the lake has receded considerably for several reasons over the past many years.  Apparently not all the large fish.  Early in February 2011, Toby Johnson of Drummond caught this northern (at least) 40 inches long and weighed 18 pounds.  That has got to be quite a story.  Congratulations Toby. 

Going for a Ride in a Sleigh and a Cutter on a Beautiful Winter Day

Fun In The Snow at Telemark


Skiing Up Hill

 Tubing & Snowboarding


Mt. Ashwabay (2 miles south of Bayfield, WI) Christmas Week 2010


 Lessons - Waving at Camera & Staying Upright - Success

 Lessons a Success - Coming Down "Big Hill"


 Had Done This Before - Never Started So High

 The View from the Top is Awesome - Lake Superior


 "Book Across The Bay" - Ashland to Washburn
on Chequamegon Bay Ice - 14th Annual February 2010
3300 "Bookers"

 Back at it and 2011 and Feeling oh so Very Good to Be On the Hills Again!!!!
Spirit Mtn. Duluth


 Such a grand time just having some fun in the snow on the side 
 of a hill

 Snow storm February 29th on 2012 left 18 inches.  On March 3 Harold finally carried feed when he could get towards a path thru the snow so birds had seed to eat.  The week forecast for March 5 shows possible 44 degrees above by March 8.