2012 Drummond Sno Jacks Bar Stool Races Photos - Join the Fun February 16,  2013



Jet Ski Look

Already a Winner - Well A Ribbon

Keg on Skis

Like the Look



Pin Ball Machine

Familiar Symbol Here
Del Lisa

Dressed for Racing? Dressed for Racing?
How to Ride a Pin Ball Machine Ryan Singing National Anthem
Hey, We Have Seen These Two and the Jet Ski Is This a Luge Track?

On the Starting Line

Ski Tips Tell Direction of Hill - Look Again


Believe in Winning - Crown Yourself First 1st Place Team Powder Puff
1st and 2nd Place Teams Powder Puff 2nd and 1st Place Teams Bar Stool Races
A very sincere thank you to Vicki Weber and Scott Klobucher for submitting photos again this year to be posted on the Drummond website.  Also, check out Facebook for the Bar Stool photos posted by members of the Sno-Jacks Snowmobile Club or photo contributors. Also, check out Facebook for the Black Bear Inn photos of the races.  Thanks to all and sorry it took me all week to get these on the website.  Patsy
1st Place Team Open Class