The resident Naturalist/Educator at the Cable Natural History Museum writes the Nature Watch articles found below.  For more articles, please see them at the Cable Natural History Museum website.

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For over 40 years, the Museum has served as a guide and mentor to generations of visitors and residents interested in learning to better appreciate and care for the extraordinary natural resources of the region.  The Museum invites you to visit its facility and exhibits, the Curiosity Center and Brain Teasers2, in Cable at 13470 County Highway M.  Also find us on the web at to learn more about exhibits and programs.

Please read, learn and enjoy:

Nature Watch

Spring Peepers - Susan Thurn    

Beavers- Susan Thurn
Big Furry Snowshoes - Emily Stone

Black Bears in Spring - Susan Thur
Coyotes - Susan Thurn
 Grand Old Badger - Lacy Sellent
Moose Tracks and Trends - Emily Stone

Other Tracks - Emily Stone
 River Otter - Susan Thurn
Seeing Things by Emily Stone
Success by Emily Stone    

A Long Winter's Sleep - Susan Thurn
At The Feeder - Mourning Doves - Susan Thurn
 Blue Jay - Susan Thurn  
Bird Bills - Susan Thurn
 Bird Eyesight - Susan Thurn
Bird Flight & Height - Susan Thurn
Cedar Waxwings - Lacy Sellent  
Cedar Waxwings (Continued) - Lacy Sellent 
Constructive Interference by Emily Stone   
Flashes of Red - Emily Stone    
Irruptions and Crossbills - Emily Stone
Red-Tailed Hawks - Susan Thurn
Ruffed Grouse - Susan Thurn    
Shrike Attack by Emily Stone 
Snowy Owl Irruption - Katie Connolly
White-breasted Nuthatch - Susan Thurn


Musky - Susan Thurn

Bark by Emily Stone
 Cloud Clarity - Lacy Sellent    
Love is in the Air by Emily Stone
 Naturally Important - Emily Stone
The Nature of Seeing - Susan Thurn    
North Country National Scenic Trail - Emily Stone
Ode to the Glaciers - Emily Stone
Other Tracks by Emily Stone

Treasures of the Secret Bog - Emily Stone

Dragonflies - Susan Thurn
Moths - Susan Thurn
The Stick That Is Not A Stick - Emily Stone


Baren Strawberries- Susan Thurn
Poison Ivy - Emily Stone

Autumn Colors - Susan Thurn
Every Act Matters - Spring - Susan Thurn
Fall Leaf Decomposition -
Susan Thurn
Orion Constellation - Winter Sky - Susan Thurn   
Rainbows and Treasure - Emily Stone   
Spring Has Sprung - Susan Thurn
Subnivean Chronicles by Emily Stone
Winter Wonders - Emily Stone

Tick, Tick, Tick - Susan Thurn    
Ticks by Emily Stone
The Truth Behind Daddy Longlegs - Emily Stone

Balsam Fir - Susan Thurn
Bark - Emily Stone