Drummond Civic Center

Drummond Civic Center

To Schedule the Civic Center contact:  Tanya Zangri (715) 413-2007  tzangri@yahoo.com


  • Free for Civic groups: No Charge (Boy/Girl scouts, Fire & Rescue, Town Meetings, etc.)
  • $10.00 – Groups under 25 (no kitchen use)
  • $25.00 – Groups under 25 (full kitchen use)
  • $50.00 – Groups of 25-50 (full kitchen use)
  • $75.00 – Groups of more than 50 (full kitchen use)
  • $25.00 – Key deposit
  • $75.00 – Damage deposit

In addition, a $75.00 cleaning and damage deposit is required for large groups (some, or all may be refundable). Large group use fee includes up to six bags of trash for disposal.

Single time users should leave the key on the kitchen counter at the end of the event.

For all usage there must be a responsible party who will sign for the key and be responsible for any cleanup and/or damage. The Responsible Party must replace or repair any damage incurred.

Cleanup consists of chairs and tables wiped clean and put away. Counters and floors reasonably cleaned (including removing gum). If there are spills, they must be mopped. Stove (including the oven) and refrigerator must be cleaned and empty after use. The bathrooms must be reasonably cleaned up after use. If regular users do not clean up, they may be denied future use.

Chairs and tables must not be removed from the building.

Regular users may have a key issued during the period of their use. A refundable deposit for each key is $25.00. The responsible party must apply and be a signatory for all cleaning and damage. Under no circumstances may keys be duplicated. To arrange for a key contact: Tanya Zangri 715-413-2007  email   tzangri@yahoo.com