Drummond Town Government

Drummond Town Board Officers & Committees

Mailing Address: 

P O Box 56,
Drummond, WI 54832
(F) 715-739-6774

Town Chairman:

Royden Bloom
PO Box 116
Drummond, WI 54832
(P) 715-739-6331
(E) bloomfrg@cheqnet.net

Town Supervisors:

Dick Fredericks
P.O. Box 31
Drummond WI 54832

(P) 715-739-6933
(C) 715-580-0895
(E) rwfjr19@cheqnet.net

Chris Elkins
P.O. Box 98
Drummond, WI 54832

(P) 715-739-6262
(E) elkinsnorth@yahoo.com

Town Clerk:

Andy Tuttle
49910 S. Loop Rd.,
Drummond WI 54832

(P) 715-739-6881
(C) 715-499-5536
(E) drummondtown@cheqnet.net


Diane Gehr
46900 Blue Moon Rd.
Drummond WI 54832

(P) 715-798-5033
(E) degr56@yahoo.com


Claude Riglemon
Riglemon Appraisal Service
21716 Aspen Avenue
Warrens, WI. 54666

(p) 608 378-3003

Parks and Recreation Committee:

Dick Fredericks - Chairman
Mark Jansen - Secretary
Addie Khalar
Dale Siebert
Andy Tuttle

To Schedule the Park Building and Table area, call Suzanne Widmar at (715) 739-6290

Union Airport Representatives

Dick Fredericks, Town Board Supervisors, Alternate attending meetings.

Fire Department:
52650 Front Avenue
P.O. Box 24
Drummond WI 54832

Fire Hall Non-Emergency Number 715-739-6600
Meeting nights first and third Wednesday of the month (normally).

Mark Jerome, Chief 715-739-6244 drummondfire@gmail.com
Jeff Hurula, Assistant Chief   715-739-6840
Rodger Larsen, Secretary/Treasurer   715-739-6347

Jeff Hurula, Fire Inpsector 715-739-6840 JeffHurula@gmail.com

Drummond Sanitary District # 1
52555 Front Ave
Drummond WI 54832
Phone (715) 739-6741
Fax (715) 739-6740
Emergency (715) 580-0115

Mark Jerome, Director of Public Works

Town Maintenance Building
52260 Front Ave.
Drummond WI 54832
Mark Jerome (C) 715-580-0115

Drummond Civic Center - Contact for Reserving
To Schedule the Civic Center see the Drummond Civic Center page

Drummond Comprehensive Plan Commission
Rodger Larsen
Jim Crandall
Chris Elkins
Leo Carlson
Christie Carlson

Business Center
15090 Superior Street
Drummond WI 54832

Game Warden / Conservation Officer
Matthew Koshollek
(715) 209-7184

52530 Old 63 North
Drummond WI 54832

Cemetery Committee:
Dennis Johnson 715-739-6742
Tim DeChant 715-739-6603
Lisa Levandoski 715-739-6661

Solid Waste Site
50650 US Hwy 63
Drummond WI 54832

U S Post Office
Drummond WI 54832
Tel: 715-739-6278

Library Board of Trustees:

Dick Fredericks, President
Mary Lintula, Vice Chairman

Library Director: Suzanne Widmar, email: drumlib@drummond.nwls.lib.wi.us